Professional writer

I am a professional writer with two decades of experience in conducting research, interviewing and delivering copy to deadline. I write copy for books, brochures, award submissions, press releases, website content for corporate clients, and articles for the architecture and design press.

Specialist areas: architecture, design (interior and product design), lighting design, landscape architecture and the arts.

My articles have been published—nationally and internationally—in publications such as The New York Times, The Independent, The Architectural Review, Architectural Record, Architectural Design, Hauser, Blueprint, Icon, Domus and mondo arc. Click here to read a selection of my editorial articles.

The name of this website – The Architect’s Writer – is a shorthand way to say that I specialise in working with architecture, design and construction professionals: architects, landscape architects, lighting designers, developers, suppliers and engineers.

Over the years, I have worked with corporate clients such as the Corus Group, SWITCH, GROHE, Luxspace, MKPL Architects, SAA, Atelier M+A and a61 on copywriting and copyediting projects.

Featured image on this page: cover of Urbanistic Humanistic Optimistic, monograph of the work of architecture firm SAA. Author: Robert Such. Available on Amazon.

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